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The Complete Self-Care System

for Career Driven Women

Does it ever feel like your life is a treadmill and you're running at full speed focusing so hard on your career that you have ZERO time for yourself?

What if you could jump off the treadmill to take time back for yourself without sacrificing your career progress and really focus on YOU?

Choosing to focus on your career or build your empire can sometimes feel overwhelming and most women find that their schedule is so full that they are burning the candle at both ends and in the process of trying to "have it all, they find themselves having everything EXCEPT time for themselves.

Well, I've got great news, you can still "have it all" AND that includes focused time for YOU to relax and do the things that you love.

How can you make time for yourself without sacrificing your career and everything you've worked so hard for?

That's what this course is all about. Learning how to better understand what you really need to feel nourished, balanced, and grounded so that you can show up at your absolute best in all areas of your life.

You will learn how to:

Better understand yourself and what is most important to you so you can design your own unique self-care system that works specifically for YOU.

Use self-care strategies and tools that are aligned with your values and your emotions instead of constantly trying to force yourself into routines that just don't make sense for you.

Make it easy to be consistent in your self-care routine by tapping into your existing resources and managing your environment so that self-care isn't just a routine it's your way of life.

This course includes: 

  • 5 video modules

  • Self-care strategies you can implement right away

  • A community of career driven women who want to find balance and feel more nourished and fulfilled on their way to the top 

  • 6 weeks of LIVE group coaching to support you along the way

Doors open in March 2023. Space will be limited, so join the waiting list today! 

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Let's Work Together! 

1:1 Coaching

Helping Hand

Individually Tailored Coaching

This is your opportunity to invest in yourself and your success. Together we will uncover what keeps you stuck, revise limiting beliefs, and create actionable strategies around your goals. Sessions are talored to meet you where you are and to facilitate consistent movement towards creating the life you desire.

Online Courses

Studying at Home

Learn and Grow

All courses are online and self-paced so that you can learn at your own pace on your own time. I'm continuously growing my library of course offerings in order to provide space and opportunity to unleash untapped potential and live into the best possible version of yourself.

Group Coaching

Support Group

Grow Together

Ideal for teams within the workplace and/or educational institutions. We will work collaboratively around chosen topics in order to achieve desired results. Available topics include: enhance productivity, team building, communication, leadership development, and much more.

Yoga Classes

Image by Jared Rice

Mindful Movement Experiences

Experiential yoga classes incorporating mindful movement, meditation, and intention setting. Each class is built around a different intention or focus to help you find alignment with mind, body, and spirit. 

See the Upcoming Events for class schedule. 

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About Radically Alive Coaching

Jamie Gantt, Founder, MS, ACC, RYT200, CHWC

Jamie Gantt is a Certified Health and Life Coach, and a Certified Yoga Teacher with a Master's degree in Positive Psychology. She has a passion for mindfulness, community, and connection.

During her studies she was exposed to the term "radical acceptance" which inspired the name of her coaching practice. Radical acceptance is total acceptance with mind, body, and spirit that we cannot currently change the present facts, even if we do not like them. The intention behind Radically Alive Coaching is to guide you towards deeply accepting what is and moving on rather than staying stuck in victim space.

As a Coach, Jamie works collaboratively with individuals or groups to facilitate personal growth and goal achievement through the application of mindfulness and positive psychology tools and theories in a heart centered and judgment free space.

Like our mind, the ocean and its waves can be calm, clear and peaceful. It can also be uneasy, unpredictable and hard to navigate. That is why Radically Alive Coaching is here; to bridge the gap and help you explore the deepest uncharted parts of your mind, so that you can live life Radically.

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I did not realise how much I needed to slow down and release! Setting aside time for mindful eating and drinking was amazing, I wouldn't have done it otherwise <3

Kate Wallace

Working with Jamie has 100 percent changed the direction of my life. She is an exceptionally gifted coach! Her powerful curiosity resulted in questions that dug to the root of my stuckness, brought my patterns into the light, and with her guidance and expertise, I am now able to bring forth what I want. Life-changing!

Kelly Hurd

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