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About Radically Alive Coaching

Jamie Gantt, Founder, MS, ACC, RYT200, CHWC

Welcome to Radically Alive Coaching! I'm Jamie, the founder of this transformative coaching practice. My personal journey has shaped the mission and passion behind my work.

Growing up in a highly toxic and unstable environment, trust and meaningful connections were scarce in my life. I faced numerous challenges, from substance abuse to job dissatisfaction and failed relationships. I often felt alone and empty, yearning for something more.

But everything changed when I discovered the power of self-care. Through my own journey, I traveled the world, formed deep and loving relationships, and experienced unconditional love and acceptance. The realization that self-care was the key to personal transformation ignited a fire within me.

This realization inspired me to create Radically Alive Coaching. My mission is rooted in the power of Radical Acceptance – the belief that embracing ourselves fully is the catalyst for personal growth and fulfillment. With a compassionate and empowering coaching approach, I guide individuals on their transformative paths.

At Radically Alive Coaching, I offer a range of services tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you're seeking one-on-one coaching, group sessions, workshops, speaking engagements, or self-paced online courses, I provide a holistic coaching experience. Through mindfulness techniques, positive psychology tools, and a client-centered approach, I empower you to declutter your life, build resilience, manage stress, and achieve your goals.

As a solo operation, I am committed to delivering excellence. With my ICF certification, extensive experience, and expertise in coaching and consulting, I provide personalized, high-quality service. At Radically Alive Coaching, I foster a safe and non-judgmental environment that encourages you to explore and achieve your personal and professional aspirations.

I invite you to embark on this transformative journey with me. Let us discover the power of self-care together, embrace our true selves, and unlock our fullest potential. As your guide and supporter, I am here to help you radiate your inner light and live a life that is authentically yours.

Join me at Radically Alive Coaching and experience the profound transformation that comes from embracing self-care, self-acceptance, and self-love. Together, we can create a brighter, more empowered future not only for ourselves but for women everywhere.

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Let's Work Together! 

1:1 Coaching

Helping Hand

Individually Tailored Coaching

This is your opportunity to invest in yourself and your success. Together we will uncover what keeps you stuck, revise limiting beliefs, and create actionable strategies around your goals. Sessions are talored to meet you where you are and to facilitate consistent movement towards creating the life you desire.

Online Courses

Studying at Home

Learn and Grow

All courses are online and self-paced so that you can learn at your own pace on your own time. I'm continuously growing my library of course offerings in order to provide space and opportunity to unleash untapped potential and live into the best possible version of yourself.

Group Coaching

Support Group

Grow Together

Ideal for teams within the workplace and/or educational institutions. We will work collaboratively around chosen topics in order to achieve desired results. Available topics include: enhance productivity, team building, communication, leadership development, and much more.

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I did not realise how much I needed to slow down and release! Setting aside time for mindful eating and drinking was amazing, I wouldn't have done it otherwise <3

Kate W.

Working with Jamie has 100 percent changed the direction of my life. She is an exceptionally gifted coach! Her powerful curiosity resulted in questions that dug to the root of my stuckness, brought my patterns into the light, and with her guidance and expertise, I am now able to bring forth what I want. Life-changing!

Kelly H.

I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone. Because there's no harm in putting yourself first or giving yourself the opportunity to explore yourself a little bit more. In this program, not only will you learn about yourself and be able to explore yourself in a safe environment and a loving and growing environment, but you have the opportunity to share those growths and successes with other people that are in the same boat all over the world.

Stephanie A.

My favorite part was it just didn't feel overwhelming to me to work through the program because I just took it one section at a time, it wasn't this whole big, elaborate one hour lesson that I had to listen to. The videos were so short and even if I dedicated an hour of my time for that specific lesson, it wasn't an hour of the video plus extra time, it was less than 10 minutes, most of the time that I went through the videos, and then I took however much time I needed to work through the workbook. And then I could just reflect on it throughout the rest of the time until I worked into the next lesson.

Danielle F.

What I love most was the interaction that we had with the groups and just getting different perspectives and different ideas and feedback, as we work through the different modules on a weekly basis. And just having that interaction to know that you're not alone, when you're going through something, and having that uniformity of that group is really comforting, in a sense of, you're okay, you're doing this together, and it's for the better version of you.

Dani D.

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